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Eliodomestico from gabriele diamanti on Vimeo.

Italian designer Gabriele Diamanti (@GabDiamanti) has invented Eliodomestico,
an eco-distiller running on solar power, to provide safe drinking-water for people in developing countries:
a very simple way to produce healthy, bacteria-free water.
Eliodomestico is an open source project.

Winner at Core77 Design Award 2012 - social impact category;
Finalist at the Prix Émile Hermès 2011 competition.

SLICED from dxmiq on Vimeo.

◎ Full Screen recommended ◎

Direction / CG / Sound by Dxmiq

SHOWREEL 2013 from Ryo Kitabatake on Vimeo.

music: Comet Course by Flying Lotus

YELLE La musique from WE ARE FROM L.A on Vimeo.

© Kitsune

PlusOne Showreel 2013 from PlusOne on Vimeo.

With great pride we share with you our 2013 showreel. It took us quite some time to release this puppy: over four years. During this period we had the pleasure working with loads of awesome and inspiring freelancers and forward-thinking clients.

Music by Lennert Busch
Sound Design by Mauricio d’Orey

All works designed, directed and produced by PlusOne.

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Region of Peloponnese Logo presentation from Mindworks on Vimeo.

A 3D animated presentation of the new logo for the Region of Peloponnese and all that it represents, as a basic part of its new tourism campaign.

Mindworks Interactive was responsible for the concept and the realisation of this 3D video, where the logo, featuring the letter “Π” (first letter of the Greek word for Peloponnese — Πελοπόννησος), appears to include in it the main strategic pillars of the tourist product of the Region of Peloponnese. Sea & Sun, Nature & Outdoor Activities, Luxury & Facilities, Gastronomy & Local Products, History & Culture can altogether offer Mythical holidays to every visitor Peloponnese.

Client: Region of Peloponnese
Agency: Mindworks
Creative Director: Gregory Papadopoulos
Concept / Script : Elisa Pardalidi, Nikolas Passaris, Andreas Chalikias
Art Directors: Mike Polizos, Thanos Kagkalos
Graphic Design: Thanos Kagkalos, Eleni Legaki, Christos Papachristidis
3D Artists: Mike Polizos, Thanos Kagkalos
Compositor: Mike Polizos
Sound Design : Piranha studio

Awarded as one of the world’s best travel and tourism related media/marketing videos at the ITB 2013 “Golden City Gate” Competition!

Special Thanks and Kudos to for their contribution on a Strategy level.

Pretty close…

Piou piou !

Bang !

Bang !